Part of Something Greater

As an electrical engineering student, I am often seeking to improve a product or a system. As a Christian I am often considering God’s plan for me and my specific abilities. God led me to a place where both of my desires were clearly met.

Maximizing Our Kingdom Impact

Technology is something that will never go away. It is increasing at a breathtaking rate. As long as we can hold on for the ride, the opportunities to harness technology for Kingdom purposes are simply going to become greater and greater.

And the Winner is …

What is the ‘coolest’ thing made in Elkhart County, Indiana? That question motivated a recent contest implemented through a partnership between local government groups in Elkhart County.

My Sweet UPS Driver

Karen, nervous about an upcoming mission trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), received prayer and a blessing from a most unexpected person.

Caring for a Community

Fighting  a pandemic is daunting for any community. But, what if you must hike to a well multiple times a day just to meet your family’s basic needs? How likely are you to spend money on soap when you barely have enough for food?

A Storm of a Different Kind

Puerto Rico has been battered by its share of “storms” over the past two and a half years. Despite the difficulties, SonSet Solutions has assisted local radio stations to ensure that the message of God’s hope continues.

Finding a New Identity

Will, a man without resources and in pain, came to Radio Évangile Développement in Burkino Faso looking for assistance. He walked away with much more than he planned.

Finding Hope in Times of Despair

In recent weeks and months, many around the world have been stricken with fear – fear that has driven some to despair, searching for hope. Pierre, from Burkina Faso, was struck by how hope found its way into the most despairing hearts. 

Reaching Difficult Places

Did you know that in Sub-Saharan Africa there are 653 unreached people groups with a population of 887 million?  How does technology designed and assembled in Elkhart, Indiana impact these souls?

Have You Seen My Camel?

Eddie Andersen, an Africa Inland Missionary, moved to northern Kenya with his family to reach the Gabbra people with the gospel. Despite the difficulties, a little ingenuity led to a way to reach many!

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