Prayer and Praise-Dec 20, 2019

SonSet® Radio Processing – Praise that we have had 11 work teams in to process the SonSet radios from November 19 to December 19. We hosted our last work team this week which completed the 4,800 radios (1,200 for Peru and 3,600 for Uganda). Pray for the hearts of the recipients of these radios, who will hear the gospel.

Year-End Campaign – We praise the Lord for His financial blessing on the ministry of SonSet Solutions this year. Pray that He will supply our remaining financial need before the end of the year.

Partner Ministries – Our partner ministries face many different challenges such as leadership struggles and conflict, safety issues related to in-country strife, refugee challenges, lack of reliable power, and equipment failure. Please pray for God’s intervention in some of these situations. In other situations, pray for wisdom for us as we seek solutions.

Year-End Campaign 2017

Our mission is to provide technology-based solutions to advance the Gospel worldwide. Ministries come to us with needs – we have the privilege of creating solutions to help them expand their reach and deepen their impact. Oftentimes, our partners present us with more needs than we have resources to create solutions. That is why it is so important to partner with people like you who financially support this ministry. You make it possible for us to equip ministries around the world with the technology they need to remain active and effective.

Our Year-End Campaign kicks off November 1. We’ve already reached 43% of our $353,000 funding goal for 2017, but there are still many more needs to be met. With your help, we can provide the solutions our ministry partners are asking for.

There are many unique ways to support SonSet Solutions – whether it’s by donating proceeds from a church Christmas tea/banquet, taking up a love offering at church, or donating a portion of the proceeds from a craft fair or family bake sale. We encourage you to think “outside the box” and help us meet the needs of our partners worldwide. For added incentive, any gifts given during the month of November will be matched up to $30,000!

We count it a privilege to partner with you in this work that harnesses technology for the cause of Christ!

Mobile Media on the Rise

Girl with smartphone

There are now 7.4 billion people on earth and, surprisingly, 7.8 billion mobile device subscriptions. Globally, the net worth of mobile technology exceeds that of radio, television, the internet, personal computers, and landline telephones combined. A recent international media conference revealed that mission organizations around the world are using cell phones for distribution of audio Bibles, discipleship materials, evangelistic films, and Christian media apps.

SonSet Solutions is learning how to use mobile media for God’s kingdom. Social media can interact with an audience in a two-way conversation. MicroSD memory cards, used in many cell phones, can be loaded with Biblical content, and distributed in restricted countries. Even people living off the cell phone grid can download content onto their mobile device using a solar-powered Wi-Fi media server.

Mobile media is a break from our traditional ministry of supplying technology to partners for the advancement of the gospel. We are leveraging new technology for that same goal. Man has created a wonderful opportunity to communicate with the world in unprecedented ways. We can use that same technology to communicate the wonderful message of love and hope in Jesus.

Thank You

David_Russell_Dec2014(February 4, 2015)
From SonSet Solutions President, David Russell:

Crossing the finish line in a race is cause for celebration. You gave your very best. You achieved your goal. You are motivated to reach for even greater heights. At the end of September 2014, an ambitious goal of raising $276,000 over three months was set. The race began. The purpose was to have funds in place before the New Year so that SonSet Solutions could get off to a solid start. Even though many details still needed to be worked out with Reach Beyond, our former parent organization, we expected to be flying solo as of January 1. We had identified new expenses for 2015 that would come as part of the reorganization. (We actually adjusted the goal upward to $290,000 part-way through the campaign.) Continue reading

Giving Tuesday

#GT_2014Web-Banner_300x250_Red#GivingTuesday is your opportunity to support the ministry of SonSet Solutions and our partner ministries around the world. Our team of missions-minded technologists is committed to finding solutions to the real world problems that impede the progress of our partners as they seek to share the love of Christ to their communities. Your gift today will also be eligible for a matching grant, generously donated by a like-minded partner. You can learn more about the matching grant and our needs by clicking here or you can donate now by simply clicking on the button to the right.donate-now-button3 The video below will explain how your donation will lay a solid foundation for ministry as we move ahead in the coming year. Continue reading

Practical Gifts 2014

Practical Gifts 2014 Have you ever wondered if the Christmas gifts you buy each year will ever really be used? Well several years ago, SonSet Solutions (formerly HCJB Global Technology Center) started a Practical Gifts campaign at year-end. These gift ideas for our ministry are real practical gifts that most people don’t ever think about. Normally we ask for things like funding for new computers, or funds so that we can renew software licenses that we use every day, or tools for our shop. But this year is different. Take a look… Continue reading

Herb Jacobson’s Story

Herb JacobsonHerb Jacobson was the longest serving missionary with Reach Beyond before his passing on October 8, 2014. Until six weeks before his death, Herb was actively working on software design for digital radio transmission.

The following story was written in September 2014 when Herb was honored for his 65 years of service.

The family requests that memorial gifts be given to SonSet Solutions for the startup fund at


Continue reading