solar media

Eager Ears

In rural Papua New Guinea (PNG) people must arduously venture through the expansive and untamed wilderness to find even basic healthcare facilities.

Great Distress – Greater Hope

Death, destruction, uncertainty, floods, food insecurity, bitter-cold winter days, missiles exploding in the night, electricity a “sometimes thing.” These words describe daily life in much of the country of Ukraine.

Connecting the Dots

It began with excited children at a church in the United States and ended with curious children crowded around the installation of solar-powered technology in a church in Tanzania.

Helpers in the Gospel

“The greatest need [challenge] at most churches we’ve planted is lack of power,” said Bishop Williams Yindi, founder of Unreached Peoples Mission (UPM) in Tanzania.

In the Heart of the Jungle

It was a shrinking feeling riding a narrow wooden boat down a winding river with dense jungle on either side. I saw a couple of crocodiles lying on the riverbank and heard the distant yowl of a howler monkey.

In the Hands of a Child

A young boy appeared at the door where Mike was installing equipment. Unable to speak English, he held out a smartphone.

Cell Phones Charged – Lives Regenerated

Kijani Farm is a place of hope in rural Kenya. Brian and Heather Dellamater started Kijani in 2016 with a goal to inspire hope and create opportunity for the Maasai people through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Solar Media Broadcaster

We are developing a small, modular Wi-Fi system to “broadcast” Christian content up to about 100 yards, depending on the terrain.

Phone Charger Sparks Ministry

The power to enable others to provide and care for their own and others’ needs is a privilege and a responsibility that SonSet Solutions is blessed to share! It is exciting to see how God can multiply our gifts!

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