Finding Hope in Times of Despair

In recent weeks and months, many around the world have been stricken with fear – fear that has driven some to despair, searching for hope. Pierre, from Burkina Faso, was struck by how hope found its way into the most despairing hearts. 

Reaching Difficult Places

Did you know that in Sub-Saharan Africa there are 653 unreached people groups with a population of 887 million?  How does technology designed and assembled in Elkhart, Indiana impact these souls?

Unified for a Purpose

Imagine- if every man, woman, and child in Africa could turn on a radio and hear the gospel of Jesus Christ in a way and language that they could understand.

Have You Seen My Camel?

Eddie Andersen, an Africa Inland Missionary, moved to northern Kenya with his family to reach the Gabbra people with the gospel. Despite the difficulties, a little ingenuity led to a way to reach many!

Where in the World is Burundi?

Where in the World is Burundi? That was my first thought when a colleague approached me about helping a radio ministry in the country of Burundi.

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