• Restored for a Purpose

    A bus was traversing the streets of Port Moresby, taking passengers to their destinations just like it did every day in the bustling capital city of Papua New Guinea (PNG).  But on this day, someone jumped on the bus and shouted, “Wantok Radio Light is on the air!” And the whole bus cheered!

    In 2002, SonSet Solutions provided radio equipment and technical support for the installation of Wantok Radio Light’s (WRL) first radio station. We helped again in 2005, when the installation of a shortwave station made nationwide Christian radio a reality. In the intervening years, we have assisted WRL with equipment for 31 FM repeater stations located throughout PNG, enabling the ministry to expand its reach and deepen its impact for Christ.

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  • Out of Our Hands

    “It’s working, but we wish it didn’t have to.” That’s not something you hear every day. But, in the case of a power protection device, it’s only needed when something else goes wrong.  Power fluctuations, common in the developing world, can damage sensitive equipment. A power protection device senses these power surges and can safeguard radio transmitters, computers and the like before damage occurs. Ideally, a protection device, custom-made for Radio Morava by SonSet Solutions engineers, should only rarely have to take action

    Established in 2015, Radio Morava has been broadcasting with great passion the good news of Christ to rural Honduras. Frequent power surges have plagued the station from the beginning. This is where SonSet Solutions stepped in.

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  • God’s Servant to the Unreached

    What’s next? It was a persistent question that created restlessness in the heart of Pastor Williams Yindi of Tanzania. It drove him to a nearby mountain to pray, and God met him there with the answer:

    Go! God told him.
         Where? asked Williams.
    To the bush.
    Go, and you’ll see!

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  • Choosing the Difficult Path

    If given the opportunity to escape an impoverished homeland and live comfortably in an affluent country, what choice would you make?

    Etienne was born in Burkina Faso, a poor land-locked country in West Africa where daily existence was hard. Faithfully practicing his family’s religion, Etienne prayed five times a day, but a unique opportunity transformed his life. Unlike his siblings, Etienne was able to go to school where a friend introduced him to Jesus Christ. He went on to France to study evangelism and to Denmark for Bible school.

    “Use me as you want,” he told God one day. He sensed God telling him, “Go back to your country. Go back to your friends and share what you have received.”

    “That was the turning point,” Etienne stated as he shared with our staff about this difficult decision. Life was hard in Burkina Faso and the opportunity had been given to him to live a better life in France. “I couldn’t resist the call of God.” Etienne decided to return to his homeland.

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  • A World Cup Win for Liberian Youth

    Joseph Kebbie was just 12 years old when the civil war broke out in Liberia in 1989. Being forced to become a child soldier was a constant fear and avoiding that fate a constant challenge.

    God used the childhood experiences of war to develop in Joseph a passion for the young people of Liberia. Seventy percent of the population is under the age of 37. With the help of SonSet Solutions and other ministry partners, Joseph has established Vox TransMedia, a radio and media ministry designed to bring the message of hope and reconciliation through the gospel to the former child soldiers and victims of war who are now young adults.

    Recently, Joseph reported on a successful, youth evangelistic event:

    This year Vox TransMedia strategically engaged the Liberian youth through our Sports Outreach program during the [soccer] World Cup by providing a temporary theater that hosted up to a hundred youth or more per match. The service was rendered at no cost to the viewers, thanks to the support of friends like you.

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  • Witch Doctor to Preacher

    Unable to keep others from attending, he decided to have a look for himself. Little did he know his life would forever be changed by what he would hear. Benedict was a practicing animist witch doctor in Tanzania. A team from Unreached Peoples Mission (UPM) had come to his village to share the good news of Christ. Benedict was strongly against this but couldn’t resist the urge to see what it was all about. That night the gospel was clearly presented, and he couldn’t deny the conviction he felt in his heart. He immediately went home and destroyed his idols and tools for witchcraft.

    Wanting to learn more about God and tell others what he had experienced, Benedict attended the UPM missionary training center in Itigi, Tanzania, where he received theological, vocational and academic training. He is now the pastor of a growing church in the same village where he first practiced as a witch doctor!

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  • Harassed by “Hyenas”

    “They’re like hyenas that won’t leave me alone, biting at my heels!” This was the desperate cry of a tormented woman in a settlement of the Gabbra people located along the Kenya/Ethiopia border. Her town’s name, Dukana, means “darkness” or “emptiness.” Thirty years ago there was only one known Christ follower. It was another 15 years before one more Gabbra openly declared their faith in Christ. Today, God’s Spirit is visibly working there. A ministry worker that SonSet Solutions supports through technology tools and services reports, “In the last two years people have responded like never before!”

    Radio BHB Chalbi FM 91.1 is now on the air five hours per day. Previously, our partners were limited in their reach, focusing on “hut-to-hut” visitation. With upcoming enhancements to their equipment, they plan to increase their broadcast hours and significantly extend their coverage. Other technologies are also proving effective in delivering God’s word and for building relationships of trust. These include Wi-Fi “hotspots” loaded with Christian content for viewing or downloading with cell phones, and also reliable clean water sources. 

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  • A Blessing in Disguise

    WIVV is on the air! After 11 months, the station is now broadcasting at full power. It has been a year since Hurricanes Irma and Maria hit the Caribbean islands and disabled “The Rock Radio Network” of three stations, a ministry of Calvary Evangelistic Mission (CEM) in Puerto Rico. WIVV AM-1370 on Vieques Island, the first full-time Christian radio station in the eastern Caribbean, was hit the hardest.

    Among the casualties were both the broadcasting and microwave link towers. Sea swells caused a lake to form at the site making it impossible to begin work until it could be drained. It took nine months for electricity to be restored to the area.

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