A Doctor and a Soccer Game

Surrounded by refugees and internally displaced people groups, eight-year-old Janvier and his friends loved playing soccer. One evening, the ball was kicked out of the play area.

Eager Ears

In rural Papua New Guinea (PNG) people must arduously venture through the expansive and untamed wilderness to find even basic healthcare facilities.

Power to Demolish Strongholds

A shipment of 800 radios was sent to Rwanda in July of 2023 and has been held in customs since it arrived despite supplying multiple copies of documents.

From Senior Design to the Ends of the Earth

When Josh Radcliffe and his two senior design partners started working on designing a fixed-tuned radio, they never could have imagined the impact this radio — the size of a cellphone — could have worldwide.

Speeding the Lord’s Return

Artificial Intelligence. The very words can strike fear into our hearts. Big tech CEOs are warning governments about the need for regulation. These are uncharted waters – even they don’t know where Artificial Intelligence (AI) will lead.

Church Under a Tree

One Sunday morning the man showed up at the gate with his family members for a radio church service. Since there was no church building, they sat under a tree.

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