Gifted Missionary Engineer Dies

Herb Jacobson(Oct. 16, 2014 – by Harold Goerzen) If there’s one word that everyone agrees on when referring to soft-spoken missionary engineer Herb Jacobson, it’s “unique.”

“Herb was one of a kind,” said Ron Cline, an ambassador and former president of Reach Beyond (formerly HCJB Global). “Whether he was working on a complicated technical project, analyzing a decision made by the board, discussing a theological issue or decorating a cake, he was consistent. He planned everything out, even the words he would use, delivered precisely as planned, and then sat down and let whatever he did speak for itself. His insights and humility were astounding.”
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Ebola Relief – updated

Transmitter for ELWAReceiving broken transmitters from overseas ministries is nothing new for our engineers at SonSet Solutions. Repairing transmitters is part of what we do to aid ministry radio stations around the world. There was particular urgency, however, in the repair of a transmitter we recently received.

Radio ELWA’s shortwave transmitter in Liberia stopped working. Radio ELWA has been a trusted voice and vital communications tool in Liberia for 60 years. It has been the only shortwave radio covering all of Liberia reaching into Sierra Leone and Guinea as well. In addition to broadcasting gospel programming, Radio ELWA has been assisting with public-service communications which have included, more recently, Ebola education. ELWA’s 130-acre campus also includes a hospital and the largest Ebola clinic in the country. Continue reading

Engineering Intern Beats Cancer, Uses Technology to Help Propel Missions

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen a child is sent off to college, all the dreams and aspirations of the parents closely follow behind her. So it was with the parents of Julia Thurber when she packed her belongings and headed to LeTourneau University in Longview, Texas. She went with her parents’ blessings, scholarships in hand, and a dream to become a mechanical engineer. But six months after arriving at LeTourneau, Thurber noticed a lump on her neck. She went in for tests and soon learned the devastating results—cancer. She packed up, said goodbye to her classmates, and headed home, wondering if she’d ever return to school. Continue reading

Combining Voice and Hands in the Congo

Ever since he was 7 years old, “Joey” had wanted to be a missionary doctor to Africa. God used the exciting tales of wild animals, close calls, changed lives, and other adventures in the jungle to capture this young boy’s heart. Joey never lost his desire to serve the Lord overseas, and after graduating from college, he went on to medical school, becoming a doctor with a degree in public health and tropical medicine. He married his college sweetheart who studied and became a registered nurse. Dr. Joe and Becky Harvey moved to the Republic of the Congo in 1996 to serve as medical missionaries. Civil war broke out in the country forcing them to go back to the U.S. Continue reading